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1st Annual Meeting

April 30 - May 2, 2001
University of Georgia

Hosted by the Biological and Agricultural Department
Athens, Georgia

A new society called the "American Ecological Engineering Society" (AEES) was first discussed in 1999 at a workshop on ecological engineering in Columbus, Ohio in May 1999. Fifteen U.S. universities were represented at that meeting. It was agreed at the workshop that ecological engineers throughout North America should pursue the idea of a U.S. society, particularly to begin the process of organizing academic programs and, ultimately, certification for this new field in North America. The first annual meeting of the American Ecological Engineering Society was held in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia in 2001! A special issue of Ecological Engineering, related to the meeting has been published.

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Meeting Photos

2001 Annual Meeting Attendees.PNG

Attendees of the 1st Annual Meeting of the American Ecological Engineering Society

2001 Odum Brothers at 1st Annual Meeting.PNG

Howard T. Odum and Eugene P. Odum at the First Annual Meeting AEES, May 1, 2001 (photo by W.J. Mitsch)


Eugene P. Odum giving banquet speech at AEES meeting, Athens, GA, May 1, 2001

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 1, 2001


Welcome and Opening Remarks


The Philosphy and Emergence of Ecological Engineering - H.T. Odum, William J. Mitsch


An Ecologist's Perspective of Ecology and Engineering - Amy Rosemond, Tim Allen

The Need for and Benefits of a National Society - E. Dale Threadgill


Ecological Engineering in Research and Practice - Steven McCutcheon, David Gattie, Mark Brown, John Todd, Douglas Shields


Banquet with Speaker Eugene P. Odum

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