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AEES Committees

AEES is committed to advancing the discipline of ecological engineering and strengthening the society. One of the many ways members can become involved in the organization and help broaden its reach is by joining one of the society's seven committees. Each committee has a unique focus and is currently chaired by a long-standing member. Joining a committee at any time of the year is strongly encouraged. Please contact the Committee Chair if you are interested in joining or would like to receive more information.

Conference Planning Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: 

Cully Hession -

Tess Thompson -

The AEES Conference Committee works with the organizing conference hosts to create innovative and inclusive  programming for upcoming conferences, helps to streamline meeting planning from one year to the next, and assists with the logistics of conference planning in regards to programming, keynote speakers, awards, student engagement, field trips, and bringing new ideas to the program.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice (DIEJ) Committee

Committee Chair: Joey Smith

The DIEJ Committee guides and coordinates the activities of AEES in matters relating to the promotion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the practice and education of ecological engineering. The committee will work on initiatives that give AEES members tools to make both this technical society, and the wider communities we work with, more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, through justice-based actions.

Membership and Awards Committee

Committee Chair: Michael Burchell

The AEES Membership and Awards Committee's charge includes member relations, recruitment, retention, and membership awards. The Committee strives to strengthen the Society and our discipline by steadily increasing both our membership numbers, diversity, and developing ways to provide the most economical and beneficial experience for our members.

Body of Knowledge Committee

Committee Chair: Tricia Moore

In line with its charge to identify core areas of knowledge underpinning the practice of ecological engineering, the committee has continued to pursue the development of ABET criteria for undergraduate ecological engineering programs as its primary, short-term goal. As a longer-term goal, the committee seeks to define knowledge areas to support the delineation of clear pathways to ecological engineering outside of an undergraduate engineering degree. 

Certified Ecological Designer (CED) Committee

Committee Chair: David Blersch

The Certified Ecological Designer (CED) Committee is tasked with redeveloping the AEES Ecological Designer Certification Program. The committee will evaluate the goal of the program and the current demands of the Society's membership to streamline program implementation.

Journal of Ecological Engineering Design
(JEED) Committee

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Sara McMillian &

Marc Beutel

The AEES JEED Committee is charged with creating the Society's new journal, creating a website for the journal as well as developing guidelines, templates, and policies relating to the journal.

Student Chapter Committee

Committee Chair: Emily Nottingham

The AEES Student Committee supports AEES Student Chapters, providing resources and engagement for their development. For the upcoming year, the Committee will design a document to assist institutions in creating and organizing new AEES Student Chapters. The Committee is also working on an online discussion board where students can share opportunities and highlight their research.

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