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Odum Award for Ecological Engineering Excellence

The Odum Award is the highest honor bestowed by AEES, named in recognition for two of the most influential figures in defining and pioneering the concepts and practices of Ecological Engineering, Howard T. and Eugene Odum. This award recognizes a lifetime of achievement and contributions during their career to research, education, and practice in the field of Ecological Engineering, which led to the development and growth of AEES. To learn more about the Odum Legacy, visit The Chesapeake Research Consortium's website.

2023 Application Process

The application package must be compiled by the nominator and submitted to the Chair of the Membership and Awards Committee via email (Mike Burchell by April 15, 2023. Each nomination must be from a current AEES member.

The nomination package must include:

  1. Completed award application (Link)

  2. Nomination letter (2-page maximum, see below)

  3. At least two additional supporting letters (2-page maximum)

  4. Candidate’s resume 

Nomination Letter:

  • The nomination letter shall be no more than 2 pages in length. 

  • The letter should address the following:

    • A statement summarizing outstanding accomplishments within the profession and the AEES

    • Seminal contributions to the field of research or practice and the geographic extent of these contributions, and any adoption of these contributions by practitioners

    • Improvements to human and ecosystem well-being resulting from contributions of the nominee, and any associated economic impact

    • Contribution to the development of curriculum, teaching, and outreach as related to Ecological Engineering

    • Describe professional awards received

    • List notable contributions to AEES (development of the society, offices held, committee membership, conferences hosted, journals developed, etc.)

    • Describe any other contributions (advisory committees, civic awards, community involvement, etc.) the selection committee should consider not previously mentioned

The criteria the selection committee will use for determining the recipient of the Odum Award for Ecological Engineering Excellence are:

  1. Impact of the nominee's contributions and dedication to the spirit of Ecological Engineering and AEES core values through the development of fundamental principles, enhancement of knowledge from research, development of innovative practices, and dissemination of that knowledge through teaching and outreach.

  2. Sustained contributions to AEES and synergistic activities with other professional societies.

  3. Other relevant contributions shall be considered at the discretion of the Award Committee.


The award will be presented at the annual AEES meeting. Candidates not selected will be automatically reconsidered for the next two award cycles but will have to be re-nominated in the fourth year following the year of initial nomination for future consideration. With the award comes an engraved trophy and free registration to future annual meetings.  

Questions about the Odum Award Process?

Michael Burchell

Membership and Award Commitee Chair

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