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PhD Student in Water Science at Duke University

Duke University - Nicholas School of Environment

Durham, NC, USA

Date added to AEES Website:

September 21, 2023

Date to remove from AEES Website:

June 30, 2024

About the Role

I am looking to take on a PhD student in Fall 2024 here at the Nicholas School at Duke. I have funding to support a PhD student to work on topics in water science, broadly considered. My research is currently focused at the intersection of water-related infrastructure, finance, and policy, but I would be open to a wide range of proposed topics from a student so long as it is related to broad-scale water science & management in the US. Funding is not constrained to a particular research agenda, but does require that research make use of public water datasets to critical water resource challenges in the US. I am particularly interested in students with a masters degree already completed and/or several years of work experience in water-related positions. PhD students will need to be in-residence at Duke University for their PhD, and would receive their PhD through the Environment PhD program at the Nicholas School of Environment. Students must have technical/quantitative training and abilities, but also interests beyond technical applications alone; I am looking for students who can code, discuss turbulence when relevant, but also discuss a wide range of books and topics in the hallway with me or the eclectic faculty here in the Nicholas School.

Interested students should send CV, and brief description of research interests, and a technical/writing example(s) (e.g., publications or authored reports) to

While Duke does not require GRE scores as part of their submission, I still prefer applicants to have taken the GRE.

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