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Graduate Research Assistant (PhD)

Clemson University

Hunnicutt Creek, South Carolina, USA

Date added to AEES Website:

October 24, 2023

Date to remove from AEES Website:

April 30, 2024

About the Role

We are seeking a motivated PhD student to join our Hunnicutt Creek Research Team starting summer 2024 with graduate assistantship. The overarching research goal for this GRA position is to develop a site-specific model to include topography, land use, hydrology, and real-time instream and weather sensing to forecast streamflow and water quality in a micro watershed within the footprint of Clemson University main campus. The model will integrate real-time data and visualization capabilities to understand emerging water resources challenges.

The PhD student will be engaged in cutting edge research that includes extensive field work, spatial data analysis, dashboard evaluation, and modeling (e.g., AI/ML and near real-time modeling, data assimilation, cloud-based database management, AI/ML based automated data corrections and management, data driven and advanced statistical based predictive modeling). Installation, periodic maintenance, sensor calibration, and monitoring of instream and weather sensors will be an integral part of this research project. Experience in instrumentation and monitoring is preferred, but willingness to learn is essential. We will use a combination of ArcGIS, Python, and/or R to manage, analyze, model, and simulate data. Skills in ArcGIS and Python, use of APIs and/or R programming will be a significant plus.

Preferred candidates should have a strong desire to pursue a career in interdisciplinary scientific research, mentor and lead undergraduate students, a demonstrated record of motivation, and work ethic. The ideal candidate will have a MS degree in agricultural, environmental, or other related engineering discipline or graduate degree in hydrologic sciences. Excellent verbal and written communication skills is a must.

Interested students should submit a 1) resume with names and contact information of at least two references and 2) summary of research interests and skills relevant to this position.


Dr. Sawyer or Dr. Sahoo:

Calvin B. Sawyer, PhD 


Department of Agricultural Sciences 

Clemson University

Debabrata Sahoo, PhD, PE, PH

Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Sciences

Clemson University

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