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About Baltimore

Welcome to Baltimore, the historic port city well known for its charm! Baltimore is the most populous city in the state of Maryland, home to about 605,000 peopleThe city itself covers a total area of 239 square kilometers (92 square miles). Located in north-central Maryland, it rests close to where the Patapsco River empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

Well known for its rich history, Baltimore is home to countless museums and monuments and has been the home of many famous individuals throughout time. It was originally founded in 1729 and was named after the Irish barony of Baltimore. It was originally created as a port city for the shipping of goods, and played an integral role throughout the history of the United States' development.

Currently, Baltimore is a major seaport with ship-repair facilities and a highly diversified economy. It is known as a center of higher education, with several universities and colleges located in and around its vicinity, namely John's Hopkin's University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Towson. One of its biggest attractions is the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

We thoroughly encourage you to take the time to explore this wonderful city during your stay here. With such a rich history and diverse culture, there is so much to discover!

Our Suggestions

If you are interested in visiting some spots of interests, here are a few suggestions from the locals:

As mentioned above, Baltimore is home to many museums. Here is some we recommend you check out:

Baltimore is also known for the best seafood, with Maryland Blue Crabs at the top of the list. Here are some Baltimore restaurants we recommend you stop by: 


Visit Baltimore

Baltimore is home to numerous parks, museums, and historic trails, making it a fantastic city to explore.


Explore Baltimore

If you are interested in digging deeper into this charming city, Explore Baltimore has loads of suggestions for you to view.


Maryland Livability

Baltimore is home to numerous parks, museums, and historic trails, making it a fantastic city to explore.

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