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Field Scientist/Engineer – Experiential Learning & Field Research

University of South Carolina Baruch Marine Field Laboratory

Georgetown, South Carolina, USA

Date added to AEES Website:

October 24, 2023

Date to remove from AEES Website:

December 31, 2023

About the Role

We are recruiting a field scientist or engineer for educational programming and research project support at Baruch Marine Field Laboratory. The focus of the position entails coordinating the immersive Semester@TheCoastprogram we host at Baruch Marine Field Lab each Spring semester. This multidisciplinary program weaves elements of coastal zone ecology with our unique South Carolina Lowcountry history and culture, much focused on experiential learning opportunities on the 16,000 acres of Hobcaw Barony and regional nature preserves.

The field scientist will serve as program coordinator for the Semester@TheCoast, focusing on coordinating courses and their associated field research activities with all other program elements (e.g., guest speakers, regional tourism, themed dinners, and other extra-curricular activities). Secondarily, there will be an expectation to contribute to existing research projects at Baruch Marine Field Lab while mentoring undergraduate students. One opportunity is a newly initiated Marine Debris Challenge grant project, focused on advancing the science and engineering of non-plastic, nature-based alternatives for coastal environmental restoration (e.g., jute reef prisms), water quality protection (e.g., fully organic erosion control geotextiles), and aquaculture (e.g., biodegradable clam netting). The balance of activities will be tailored to the skill- and experience-set of the successful applicant to maximize individual professional development.

Qualifications:  Applicants will have secured a MS in a related discipline (e.g., Environmental Science, Marine Science, Ecology, Ecological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biology, etc.). Preferred qualifications include familiarity with coastal ecosystems, program management experience, teaching/mentoring experience with undergraduates, and a demonstrated ability to work independently.

To Apply:  Send application packets to William Strosnider ( with the subject “SATC Field Scientist/Engineer”. Packets should be a single PDF with a 1) 1-page cover letter describing your interest in the project with respect to your career goals and experience, 2) resume, and 3) list of three references.

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