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Field Tours & Socials

Field Tours

1) Florida Aquarium

Ranked one of the best aquariums in the U.S.! The Florida Aquarium provides habitat to a wide range of diverse aquatic and terrestrial animals and is focused on conservation and building awareness for these species.


Picture source: The Florida Aquarium

2) Hillsborough River Kayaking Excursion

The Hillsborough River is one of the largest rivers in the Tampa Bay region and has been the site of many restoration projects. Enjoy viewing native wildlife while kayaking along the river.


Picture source: USF Riverfront Park

3) Philippe Park Living Shoreline Project

Philippe Park is the site of a large-scale living shoreline project with the goals of increasing resiliency and coastal protection. Oyster reefs and native vegetation have been installed along the southern end of the park, with more nature-based enhancements installed throughout 2023.  


Picture source: ABC Action News

4) 4G Wetlands

The 4G Wetlands is the world's largest constructed groundwater recharge wetland. This 176-acre site contains 15 wetland cells which recharges the Upper Floridian aquifer and supports the Tampa Bay region. It serves as an example of how to more sustainably manage freshwater resources and is a 6x award-winning project. 

4G Wetlands 1.jpg

Picture source: Jacobs

5) Rock Ponds Coastal Wetland Restoration

The Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Project is the largest habitat restoration project accomplished in Tampa Bay. Over 1,040 acres of coastal ecosystems were restored to benefit the region's hydrology, water quality, and terrestrial and aquatic habitats. 


Picture source: Emily Keen Photography

6) Tampa Bay Watch Oyster Restoration and Monitoring Boating Excursion

Tampa Bay Watch is dedicated to improving the health of Tampa Bay through community-focused restoration projects, education, and outreach. The Coastal Oyster Restoration Enhancement (CORE) program is focused on restoring lost oyster habitat in Tampa Bay through oyster reef creation, vertical oyster gardens, and oyster population monitoring.


Picture source: Tampa Bay Watch

7) Se7en Wetlands

The Se7en Wetlands is a 1,600 acre constructed wetland treatment system that provides tertiary treatment of the City of Lakeland's wastewater. Originally a phosphate mining site, the reclaimed Se7en Wetlands landscape is home to diverse plant and animal communities and has won 6 environmental water resources awards. 


Picture source: City of Lakeland

8) USF Botanical Garden

The USF Botanical Garden is a 16-acre plot of over 3,000 plants and natural habitats located on USF's campus. The botanical gardens support biological and environmental outreach and research and host several festivals every school year. The botanical gardens are the perfect spot for a fun and relaxing stroll through fruit trees from around the world, carnivorous plants, subtropical vegetation, native Floridian plant species, and more!

There is a $6 entrance fee payable on site. 


Picture source: Visit Tampa Bay


Social Dinner at Columbia Cafe - Tampa Bay History Center | June 6th (6:00-9:00pm)

Join us on Tuesday, 6/6 for an evening filled with all that Tampa has to offer to close Day 1 of the 2023 American Ecological Engineering Society Annual Meeting. Nestled next to the water in Tampa's downtown, the Columbia Cafe specializes in authentic Spanish-Cuban cuisine that celebrates Tampa's rich culture. Attendees are also able to view exhibits in the Tampa Bay History Center while enjoying delicious paella and sangria!


(Optional) Celebration at Yuengling Draft Haus | June 7th (6:00-9:00pm)

This event is not covered in conference fees

Come and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the HT Odum Center for Wetlands at the newly opened Yuengling Draft Haus!

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