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A new society called the "American Ecological Engineering Society" (AEES) was first discussed in 1999 at a workshop on ecological engineering in Columbus, Ohio in May 1999. Fifteen US universities were represented at that meeting. It was agreed at the workshop that ecological engineers throughout North America should pursue the idea of a U.S. society, particularly to begin the process of organizing academic programs and ultimately certification for this new field in North America.
















President 2017-2018

Brian Bledsoe, University of Georgia 


Vice President 2017-2018
Trisha Moore, Kansas State University


Secretary 2017-2019
Dawn Reinhold, Michigan State University


Treasurer 2017-2019
Yin-Phan Tsang, University of Hawaii


Graduate Student Representative 2017-2018
Tim Stephens, University of Georgia


Committee Chairs

Identity (Website, Listserv)
Dan Storm, Oklahoma State University
Dave Austin, CH2MHill

Membership (Meetings, Recruitment)
Christina Toms, Wetlands & Water Resources
Andrea Ludwig, University of Tennessee

Education (Curricula, Body of Knowledge)
Luis Rodriguez, University of Illinois
David Blersch, Auburn University

Certified Ecological Designer
Maia Singer, Stillwater Sciences (Committee Chair)

Steve Patterson, Bio x Design (Workshops)

Past Presidents

2016-2017 David Tilley, University of Maryland

2015-2016 Dave Austin, CH2MHill

2014-2015 Tess Wynn Thompson, Virginia Tech

2013-2014 Dan Hitchcock, Clemson University

2012-2013 Stewart Diemont, SUNY College of Environ. Science and Forestry

2011-2012 Greg Jennings, North Carolina State University

2010-2011 Jay Martin, Ohio State University

2009-2010 W. Cully Hession, Virginia Tech

2008-2009 Stacy Hutchinson, Kansas State University

2007-2008 Marty Matlock, University of Arkansas

2006-2007 Pat Kangas, University of Maryland

2005-2006 Steve McCutcheon, PE, Senior Environmental Engineer, US-EPA

2004-2005 Alex Horne, University of California, Berkeley

2003-2004 Mark T. Brown, University of Florida

2002-2003 William J. Mitsch, The Ohio State University 



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Organization Documents


By-laws of the American Ecological Engineering Society, Inc.

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